Arlene Rosenberg and Gena McNeil

Mother and daughter, Arlene Rosenberg (born 1927) and Gena McNeil (born 1956), of Ellensburg, Washington, represent the close bond that develops between parents and their children who pursue a ranching life. The same can be said of the trust that evolves between a horse and rider. Rosenberg, a rancher and rodeo performer, often used a gentle old gelding named Zarley as a babysitter. She would place three-year old Gena on Zarley’s back and he would mooch and meander around the corral, the little girl sitting queen-like on his broad back and sometimes curling up on his neck and falling asleep. Today, McNeil is a champion barrel racer and a former Ellensburg Rodeo Queen, who currently serves on the board of directors of Pro-West, an association of professional cowboys and cowgirls. She cherishes a tour she made of Australia and New Zealand that was sponsored by the American National Cattlewomen’s Association, where she found common ground in the ranching life with women half a world away. Interviewed Ellensburg, Washington, 1994

  • Medium: Drypoint Engraving
  • Size: 11.5" x 15.25"
  • Year: 1999
  • Edition: Ed. of 50
  • Price: $450.00

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