Patricia Rice

Patricia Rice (born 1912 or 1913) runs a 3,000-acre ranch on the Island of Kauai that dates back to the Kamehameha kings. It was a sugar plantation when she and her husband took it over in the war years and turned it to cattle. Today, Patricia runs 2,200 head – by herself. In fast succession her husband died, her ranch foreman died, and then her bookkeeper died. It was, she says, either sink or swim. Just her and her Filipino cowboys, so she did what she’s been doing since she was a toddler. She got up on the back of a horse and stayed there for fifty-five years. She is eighty-five or eighty-six now – the records have been lost – and on recent roundups she has helped drive her cattle with a Jeep. Interviewed Lihue, Hawaii, 2001

  • Medium: Plate Litho
  • Size: 15" x 11.25"
  • Year: 2009
  • Edition: Ed. of 30
  • Price: $450.00

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