Piper Stout

Piper Stout (born 1958) of John Day, Oregon, grew up on a 10,000-acre ranch homesteaded by her great-great-grandfather. Her grandfather and father died within a year of each other. Her mother was unable to keep up the ranch and sold it. Stout was eighteen, and something went out of her life. She loved the land and the animals, the long views, and the turn of the seasons. She now ranches with her husband, Loren, and works as a nurse to help make ends meet. Her love of livestock and rhythm of ranch life give her great joy, the best and happiest moments, music for the soul. Interviewed John Day, Oregon, 1993

  • Medium: Plate Litho
  • Size: 22" x 15"
  • Year: 1994
  • Edition: Ed. of 55
  • Price: $550.00

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